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Post-pregnancy sex problems

Post-pregnancy sex problems explained by escort

Post-pregnancy sex comes with a lot of problems, especially just after giving birth to a baby. las vegas escorts explained several post-pregnancy sex problems.

  • Your partner or las vegas call girls is not ready for sex due to recovery from symptoms of pregnancy which blocks their sex drive.
  • You have to wait for 4-6 weeks after delivery or till the postpartum bleeding stops to avoid risks of infections.
  • Due to pregnancy, females breast produce milk and during sex due to dopamine, the breast can have milk leakage which disturbs sexual activity.
  • After pregnancy, the size of vagina changes, and there is dryness for a long time which changes the levels of how you used to feel in sex and sex does not give that same orgasm or pleasure like before.
  • Post-pregnancy symptoms cause vaginal dryness which in result makes sex more painful.

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