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Escort Safety Tips

Escorting is not 100% safe. The world is generally an unsafe place to live in. There are many professions that are risky and this is one of them. Delivering pizza, being a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor or a nurse has its risks. However, you don’t have to let risks scare you from venturing into your dream career. You just need to know the involved risks and safety tips to avoid being a victim to them. Here are safety tips that keep cheap escorts at the top of their game.


It’s important for companions and clients to have an outline that dictates their interactions. For instance, an agency that a model works for should outline how it conceals the identities of both clients and companions. It should also outline how it protects models from clients that become abusive. What’s more, the agency should outline how it protects beautiful models and clients from the law. Know how the agency keeps you in control.


In almost every agency, telephone is the first communication method. As such, both companions and clients avoid meeting until each has screened the other over the phone. In some cases, clients are required to send emails or fill out a contact form. The information provided by clients is used to contact them and request all necessary information. This is generally followed by a phone call. However, clients should avoid posting physical address on websites because this can put them at a higher risk. Only provide your physical address when requested by the agency after booking your models.


Most agencies have a privacy policy where they highlight how they collect, use, share, and store information from the users of their services. They even outline how clients should share information with them. Generally, you can’t avoid disclosing information to an agency when booking because your models want to know where they will meet you. Nevertheless, disclose personal information in a safe manner.

Terms of Service

These companions work professionally. They don’t want their clients to have wrong information in relation to their services. As such, most agencies provide terms of their services. These highlight what clients should expect from the models and what companionship involves. They also indicate the acceptable payment methods, what clients pay for, and what can lead to appointment cancellation. It’s important that both clients and companions read terms of service before going on a date.

Basically, Cheap escorts know what exactly they are paid for and how to provide it. They follow these tips to ensure their safety and that of clients.