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List of Hottest and Coldest Planets in the Solar System

This article aims to provide information about the hottest and coldest planets in the Solar System. Each entry is a Solar-system wide extreme. Bodies considered in this table include the major planets, dwarf planets, moons of major planetary bodies, and stars. The first two must be hydrostatically round to be included. Pluto, which was demoted to dwarf planet status over ten years ago, is the coldest planet in the Solar-System.

Mercury is the hottest planet in the Solar System, at 357 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune, the coldest planet, is 2.8 billion miles from the Sun. Both are extremely cold, and Pluto has the highest average temperature. Nonetheless, Neptune’s atmosphere is less scalding than that of its sister, Uranus. Compared to Mercury and Neptune, Uranus’s atmosphere is made up of more water than any other planet.

The hottest and coldest planets in the Solar System have surface temperatures that are significantly higher than Earth’s. The coldest planets are Pluto, Mars, and Uranus. Although they are about one billion miles further from the Sun, they are similar in terms of their temperature. While Pluto’s surface is hotter, Uranus has a much lower average temperature. The hottest planet in the Solar System is -233 degrees Celsius.

Pluto is the coldest planet. Its surface temperature is -273 degrees Celsius. Its temperature is the minimum temperature at which atoms and particles in the air stop moving. In fact, both of these planets have very different temperatures. However, their differences in temperature are not the only thing that makes them so intriguing. These are just a few of the planets that are colder than Earth.

The hottest planet in the Solar System is Venus, which is the second-closest planet to the Sun. The planet’s atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide and 3.5% nitrogen, which traps heat and makes it the hottest planet in the Solar System. The pressure on Jupiter is 90 times greater than that on Earth. It is also the most densely populated planet in the Solar Systems.

The hottest planets in the Solar System are Jupiter and Saturn, which have the highest temperatures. But the coldest planet is Mercury. The sun is so far away that its surface temperature is -224 degrees Fahrenheit. The other planets, like Pluto, have relatively low temperatures, but their cores are still very hot, at 7000 degrees and more. The coldest planet is Pluto.

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