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Reasons For Women Being Desperate Single Moms

It is hard to argue with the numbers of single mothers in the country. Each day, more moms are making themselves available for those seeking out financial stability. Yet, there is a staggering reason why so many women are searching for financial stability: they lack the ability to have children. The number one reason for women being unable to find partners is the inability to conceive a child naturally, due to a lack of access to modern contraceptives.

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This is not to say that women are selfish or that they intentionally want to prevent their partners from having children. It simply is not true that single moms are only interested in their own well-being. They also don’t want their children to experience the same lack of material possessions they have. The desire for children is deep, and women naturally want to provide for those children in any way they can.

However, modern contraceptives prevent women from conceiving babies naturally. There is no real reason for women to stay childless if they have access to a partner who can financially support them and their children. This is why there are so many single moms waiting for a man to pay them enough to leave him and pursue a career.

However, most women do not realize that there are other reasons why they have become so desperate. Many women purposely seek out partners to start a family with, knowing full well that they will have to stay single until they are older. In today’s world, it seems as though children should start coming along much sooner than previously thought. There are even online dating sites specifically for married couples that cater to those looking to start a family. But the problem is that many women never put this thought into action. Their reason for dating is simply to meet someone to sleep with.

Women have become so obsessed with having multiple partners that they have lost sight of what marriage means to them. While having multiple partners will allow them the opportunity to meet someone to have a child with, having children is the end goal. Too many women remain single because they have forgotten what it means to be in a marriage. It is sad to see women waste their entire lives chasing their partners and then giving up on the dream of starting a family.

The bottom line is that the reasons that women have for sleeping with other men has more to do with feeling unattractive and unwanted than anything else. These women are looking for a quick way to get a man to start impregnating them and then dumping them when they are done for having. The sad part is that other reasons for women being single also exist and it is up to each woman to do some self-reflection in order to figure out which ones she wants to pursue. She can even consider taking classes in how to date men in order to learn how to fall back in love with someone and take care of her family once again.

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